The Children's Choir "Clairière"

Singing in a choir is to live music in the first person and to share with others that emotion and passion.  Participating in a choir is a way to grow personally and culturally!  A choir is made up of varied voices with 100 different personalities: the individual voice shines and gives light to a larger group of voices.  Behind this carefully derived formula lies a mixture of desire and enthusiasm on the part of the singers and encouragement and involvement on the part of the parents, combined with the support and cooperation of the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland.




Complete agenda


14 December 2012
19:00 hrs

Concerto di Natale

Con la partecipazione dei tre cori (PV1, PV2 e Coro Clairière)

Mendrisio, Chiesa dei Cappuccini, Switzerland
19 December 2012
16:00 hrs

Xmas at San Carlo

Preparatory choirs PV1 and PV2

San Carlo Church, Lugano, Switzerland

24 December 2012,
23:00 hrs

Christmas Concert at the Church of the Nativity

Bethlehem, Palestine

26 December 2012

Concert at the Caritas Baby Hospital of Bethlehem


Bethlehem, Palestine