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Canta Natale

Author:  Roberto Piumini, “Coro Clairière”

Publisher:  Abra Cadabra

Date of publication:  November 2009

Type:  Book+CD

Pages: 32

Size:  17x20.5 – hard cover

ISBN:  978-88-418-5911-7

Age reading:  from 3 years and up

Distribution:  available in Bookshops in Ticino, Switzerland and Italy.

Price:  14,90 EUROS


The story of the “OX and the Donkey” with the angels to protect the barn in the calm time while waiting for the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is combined with other moments linked to the story of Christmas.  The gentle poems are written from Roberto Piumini and sung by the “Coro Clairière”.  As a tribute to tradition, one is offered the reinterpretation of "Jingle Bells", "You come down from the Stars" and "Let it snow".



































Il coro e la voce

Author:  Roberto Piumini, “Coro Clairiere”
Publisher:  IDEALI
Date of publication:  2006

Type:  Book+CD

Pages:  64

Format: 18x24 – hard cover

ISBN: 8860230829

Age of listening/reading:  from 8-12 years of age

Distribution:  Conservatory of Italian Switzerland

Price:  10 CHF


An exciting and amusing dialogue between a children’s choir and a voice; accompanied by cute, musical bickering and beautiful songs.  On this CD, one has the opportunity to listen to the text, written and read by Roberto Piumini, and the songs sung by the “Coro Clairière” of the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland and their director Brunella.  The splendid text, by Roberto Piumini, is interpreted masterfully by the very original illustrations of Sheila Stanga.


The encounter between the “Coro Clairière” (of the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland, directed by Brunella Clerici), a writer for children’s books like Roberto Piumini, and the publishing series “Il Castello” created an occasion for an original illustrated book with musical CD designed for young children from the 8 to 12 years of age.  This initiative was intended to bring children closer to the world of song and encourage their listening and understanding of choral music.  All of this is thanks to the simple language and attractive illustrations.


The book tells the story of “a voice” that dialogs playfully with the young singers.  The central theme is singing, taking part in a choir, and “the Voice” finding its choir.  Piumini says in his story, “A children’s choir never grows up.  The children grow up and they will leave but others will come.  The “voice” of a children’s choir always remains that of a child’s”.  The story is explained through the illustrations of Sheila Stanga, provoking emotions while the choir slowly transforms and performs 13 songs.  The CD contains the recited story by Piumini himself and the children, alternating with songs sung by the choir of “voci bianche”.  The songs come from various parts of the world and range from Gregorian chants to the music of the twentieth century.  The authors are:  Aaron Copland, Jean Absil, and the composers from Ticino are: Arnaldo Filipello and Francesco Hoch.


... per voce e strumento ...

Author:  Altrisuoni
Date of publication:  2003
Type:  CD

Distribution:  Conservatory of the Italian Switzerland

Price:  10  CHF


This registration marks an important point in the development of “Coro Clairière”.  The story concerns the musical growth of a choir of “voci bianche” (“Coro Clairière”) and its particular difficulty with the changing of choral members over the years; including the fact that the choir has grown in number in recent years and also expanded its musical repertory.  In the background of this difficultly defined formula, lies a mix of desire, enthusiasm, encouragement from and involvement of the parents, combined with the support and cooperation of the Conservatory in Italian Switzerland.








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Roberto Piumini and the world of story telling

Roberto Piumini is well known as one of the most important Italian authors of children’s books.  His books are translated into 15 languages.  He has a diploma in pedagogy, teaches and conducts workshops in bodily expression, and collaborates with a dynamic theatre group including youth and adults.