"Coro Clairière" – Preparatory Choirs: "Piccole Voce 1 + 2"

Vocal development surely begins in the environment of one’s own home while a child’s mother and father simply and lovingly sing to their children.


A child’s musical development in the Conservatory begins about 6 years of age by attending courses of “Cantar Leggendo”.  In this manner, a child learns to read music, sing simple songs, and practice reading music with rhythm and songs.


At about the age of 8-9 years old (following at the same time courses of musical theory), it is possible to take part in the preparatory choir “Piccole Voci”.  As a part of the choir, one can participate in artistic experiences, learn many songs in different languages, and also learn to sing in separate voices of tonality.  At the end of each year, an evaluation is made regarding the placement for the coming year.  Usually a child remains in the preparatory choirs for 2 or 3 years.  At approximately 10 years of age, the chance to enter the principal choir of “Coro Clairière “ is considered.  The repertoire is very vast, and the number of rehearsals increases as well as the number of concerts.  To enter this principal choir, a student must be able to read music, have vocal capacity, be disciplined, and demonstrate good behavior.  It is possible to continue vocal lessons at the same time as well.


In every step of the way, the young singers can have musical experiences that enrich their personalities as well as adding to their artistic experiences.