“Cantar Leggendo” 1

From 6 years of age or from the first year of elementary school 


“Cantar Leggendo” 2

From 8 years of age.  It is necessary to have followed the course:  CL1 or to pass a small test of one’s ability.


Preparatory Choir “Piccole Voci”

Before participating in this choir, it is necessary to have taken the course Reading Music or Theory (level Inf3) or to participate in this course simultaneously.  The choir “Piccole Voci” is divided into 2 levels.  They are as follows:


“Piccole Voci” 2

From 7 years of age


“Piccole Voci” 1

From 9 years of age


“Coro di Voci Bianche Clairière”

One can enter the “Coro Clairière” from approximately 10 years of age, after participating in the courses of

“Piccole Voci” and after taking an admisssions test.