Entering the choir

“Cantar Leggendo” 1

From 6 years of age or from the first year of elementary school


“Cantar Leggendo” 2

From 8 years of age

It is necessary to have participated in the “CL1” = (“Cantar Leggendo” 1) or to pass a small test evaluating one’s ability.


Preparatory Choir “Piccole Voci”

It is necessary to have taken or to simultaneously take the courses of “Cantar Leggendo” or Theory (level  Inf3).


The Choirs of “Piccoli Voci” are divided in 2 levels:


“Piccoli voci” 2

From 7 years of age


“Piccole Voci” 1

From 9 years of age


“Coro di Voci Bianche Clairière”

One can enter the “Coro Clairière” from approximately 10 years of age and after having followed the course of “Piccole Voci” and passing an admission’s test.


One needs to possess:

  • vocal skills
  • serious and disciplined behavior
  • good reading skills (on a level with Inf3)
  • memorizing ability
  • sense of rhythm